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Twitter Claims Another

Tanith has joined Twitter.

I'm on Twitter but I'll admit it, I don't really 'get it' so I never use mine. Tanith's however seems interesting. I'll add a link over in the sidebar as well.

ETA: What do you know, Ben appears to have one too.

I will mention obviously it's easy to pretend to be someone else on Twitter so there's no real guarantee these are 100% Tanith and Ben but it seemed more likely than not and I stumbled upon it so I thought I'd share.


Tanith actually announced on her MySpace that she had joined Twitter. Her latest "tweet" is pretty funny. I didn't see anything about Ben's but I agree that more likely than not, it is him.

I don't have Twitter and have no plans to get one. I think it's sort of evil but it seems like it might make it easier for Tanith and Ben to keep in touch with fans because "short and sweet" is the name of the game. Kimmie Meissner has joined also. I hope they don't get hacked like some other public figures.
Yeah, I know Tanith's is definitely Tanith.

Twitter is just so weird, I pretty much have mine so I can follow people.

Their Myspaces have never been hacked from what I've seen so hopefully they have strong passwords and will continue to have that luck with Twitter.